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TBR Intervention Challenge (16)

TBR Intervention Challenge es una idea deApril@ Books4Juliet Dani@ Refracted light, y Ayanami@ Whatever you can still betray.
El objetivo de este desafio es ayudar a nuestros amigos lectores o compañeros blogeros a administrar la enorme lista de "Libros a leer" (TBR list).

Aqui estan las reglas de este desafio:
1.Pubicar algo sobre el libro que te comprometiste a leer en tu ultima intervencion de este desafio.
2.Publicar algo sobre un libro que quieres leer y que ya posees. Elige uno que tenga mucho tiempo en tu estante (6 meses o mas), y comprometete a leerlo en el siguiente par de dias o semanas.
3.Toma en boton de enlace de TBR Intervention Challenge y colocalo en la parte lateral de tu blog, asi mantendras el recordatorio de este desafio.
4.Añadir el enlace a su blog en la Linky a continuación y asegúrese de visitar los blogs de otros. Comentar, estimular y difundir el amor a nuestros amigos lectores.

Mi desafio anterior.
Firespell, Chloe Neill.

To be honest I haven't finished this book, 'cause all this week, I was wasting my time watching some movies. For now I can say the book is good. I like it, and I think this can get better. I think I'll finished it tomorrow night.
 I also read Across the Universe, and I really enjoyed it! Nor was I expected, but it was very good.
Aun no lo he terminado gracias a mi repentino interes por peliculas de adolescentes, asi que estoy pendiente!

El libro que me comprometo a leer.
Boys that bite & Remembrance

This is another of my super-old-books. I'll read it because I've heard its a little funny, and I think I need some relax.
And If I have time, I'll start next week with Remembrance! I love Taylor Swift's Love Story, that's why I'm so excited to read this book!!!!!!!!!!

Me estoy comprometiendo a leer "Chicos que muerden" ya que es uno de mis mas antiguos libros y antes de perderlo en garras de algun insecto prefiero darle una oportunidad.
Y a demas Remembranza, un libro inspirado en la cancion Love Story de la cantante Taylor Swift.

Sunny and Rayne are identical twins - but that is where their similarities end.  Unlike Rayne, Sunny isn’t into the Goth scene and only agrees to go to Club Fang to please her sister.  If being made to dress Goth wasn’t bad enough another party goer seems to mistake the “Bite Me” slogan on Sunny’s tee shirt for an invitation to dine.
Rayne has signed up to be converted to a vampire, she been on training courses, read all the books, done homework and had blood tests.   In a bad case of mistaken identity, super sexy vampire Magnus mistakes Sunny for her twin sister Rayne and bites her by mistake.
As Sunny starts to slowly turn into a vampire she finds there are unexpected bonuses to her condition.  Her vampire scent makes her irresistible to Jake Wilder, the hottest guy at school, who she has had a secret crush on forever.  On the down-side, she doesn’t want to turn into a blood sucking monster and she needs to be able to go out during day time because she hasn’t finished school yet and is due to star in the school play!
With just a week to go before Sunny’s transition from human to vampire is complete, Magnus and Sunny need to find a way to reverse the process.  Fast.   After doing some research Magnus discovers that the cure is for Sunny to drink a drop of the blood of Christ from the Holy Grail.  Now they just need to find the Grail….

6 POV's:

  1. Watching some movies? I've been meaning to watch the dvds I bought at the mall but I can't find the time :< I'm jealous! And good luck with Remembrance =) I really liked that book and I hope you'll enjoy it too! Yay yay! I'm excited for you to read it.

    P.S. I love your new blog design! It's nice to look at! New image and new color and new setup =) I really like it Lis! =)

  2. Hey April! hope you get the time to watch your movies!
    Abd thanks! I'm glad you like my blog disign, I think I was jealous of everybody changing it!

  3. Hey Lis!

    Great redesign, I see! I like it better, easier to read too ;) I hope you'll like the book you're in the middle of - and I just know you'll love Remembrance!

    Haven't heard about boys that bite, but it sounds funny so... Good luck and Happy reading!

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  4. I just finished Remembrance after making a fool of myself last week as you know...turns out, I did like it! LOL!

    Good luck this week Lis! Talk to you soon over at Starbooks!


  5. I've read Firespell for TBR Intervention some time ago and actually enjoyed. Hope you continue to like.

    Remembrance seams to be showing more these days. The cover is pretty.

    Good Luck!

  6. I think watching movies is a perfectly acceptable use of your time!



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