martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011

Love delirium became Booklish delirium!


“I have to tell someone!”

Liz suddenly rose from his bed, took the notebook that rested in her legs and throw it to one side of the bed. She took her old jeans and a black sweatshirt and ran to April’s house, her best friend, who was her neighbor too, conveniently.
Liz found her as usual, lying on a towel that partially covered the grass under her body in a corner of her gigantic garden. She wore sun glases, shorts and a white top.

“ I discovered now, just waking from my nap of ten minutes... I can’t believe I wasn’t see it before!”

April sat with legs crossed, forming the lotus position, put aside her copy of Mockinjay and reshuffling his glasses on his head.

“What did you discover?” Asked, anchoring an eyebrow.

“Everything is connected” Liz cried  “in the books... that fantasy world really exist... I'm not sure,  there should be a parallel dimention or something”.

“ Uh??”

“Yes, and best of all is that I have gossip, fresh from the source to share”


“Can you imagine who was dating Izzy Lightwood before dating Merliorn?... The very Rath Roiben Rye! Imagine if she had known he was going to become the king of the Dark Court. Do you think she had left?”

“Really?...  No” April laughed out loud

“Of course! And there's more ... you believe that our dear Jace Wayland was once a close friend of Gabriel Church? But supposedly stopped talking because Alex did not like their friendship.”

“Oh, yeah”

“Yeah ... And other thing, according to my three girls Informants, Kim, Mariam and Kelly there are three girls that studied in the same school. And guess who they are ...? The more fortunate: Clary Fray, Kaye Fierch and Kelly Winslow"


“Of course”  Liz rolled her eyes “but certainly the most striking finding is that... Magnus Bane was a close friend of Damen Auguste, when both lived in London, and Dumbledore knew them right there. But then he was young, and some people say they used to visit some bars.”

“Uh ... and another thing. Remember Daniel Kalbi?” April nodded “then remembered that he said he was helped by a man named Gabriel?... Well, he actually belonged to Preator Lupus and was the master of Jordan Kyle, who was then Jacob Black’s best friend, who while trying to forget Bella walked into the arms of Rose Hathaway”

“Moment” April blink confused “ Jacob hated vampires he had to realized that Rose was a daphir.”

“Pfff! And who says she doesn’t know? Why do you think he leave? ... Speaking of vampires, another surprise was to learn that my beloved Alexander Sterling had been interested in Lucinda Price... thank goodness he met Raven and didn’t interrupt the sequence of unrequited love between her and Daniel Grigory.
Another old story, Angela say that in one of many reincarnations Ever Bloom was Luce’s sister, so was when Damen and Daniel knew each other ... And then they knew Patch Cypriano, whon in  those days was dating the bitch Lady Nicnevin”

“Aha ...”

“And finally, I discovered that Baltazar Moore was Lissa Dragomir’s  boyfriend, but he stopped because she betrayed him  with Luke Dillon, later, Balthazar was interested in Raven Madisson, but she was in love , so Baltazar found Grace Brisbane, and they lived happy for a short but beautiful time”

“And just that you discovered?”

“Urban-fantasy yes... but I still have more gossip about dystopian!”

2 POV's:

  1. Hahaha! You wrote it?! It's awesome!!! Urban fantasy characters rolled into one story! I can't imagine the hype it will cause. And by the way, i really really like my character! Reading mockingjay wearing shorts and white top! That's me! Ok maybe younger me! Thanks so much Lis! You're amazing!

  2. I was so inspired in you!
    Yeah, I always wanted to talk about it with some friend.. and who is better than you? none!!...
    Oh, sorry for my mistakes in translation!


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