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TBR Intervention Challenge (13)

TBR Intervention Challenge es una idea deApril@ Books4Juliet Dani@ Refracted light, y Ayanami@ Whatever you can still betray.
El objetivo de este desafio es ayudar a nuestros amigos lectores o compañeros blogeros a administrar la enorme lista de "Libros a leer" (TBR list).

Aqui estan las reglas de este desafio:
1.Pubicar algo sobre el libro que te comprometiste a leer en tu ultima intervencion de este desafio.
2.Publicar algo sobre un libro que quieres leer y que ya posees. Elige uno que tenga mucho tiempo en tu estante (6 meses o mas), y comprometete a leerlo en el siguiente par de dias o semanas.
3.Toma en boton de enlace de TBR Intervention Challenge y colocalo en la parte lateral de tu blog, asi mantendras el recordatorio de este desafio.
4.Añadir el enlace a su blog en la Linky a continuación y asegúrese de visitar los blogs de otros. Comentar, estimular y difundir el amor a nuestros amigos lectores.

Mi desafio anterior.
Hourglass, Myra McEntire.

I haven't finished this book, but I swear, I'll do it in the next few hours. But it doesn't matter, I'm really loving it! The best book -and the second- of this year, for now.
The plot is absolutely amazing... Everybody has to read this book.
This last week I also read As I wake... weird book! but I enjoyed it, too!

Aun no he terminado de leer este libro, pero me encanta, es uno de los mejores que he leido, definitivamente, sera un libro 5 estrellas.

El libro que me comprometo a leer.
If I stay, Gaile Forman.

To be honest, I just want to read this book, because Where she went, was one of the best books of 2011. It means, this book is really good, so I'll try it!

Voy a leer este libro porque se que la continuacion de este, es realmente buena, y creo que esta es mi oportunidad para saber si es verdad.

Mia’s a really good cello player. Her dad used to be in a band, but now he’s a professor. She’s very shy and quiet. She got into a car crash and gets into a coma. She lives outside of her body and the story takes place all in one day. She realizes she has the decision to stay or go on into the afterlife. Her parents are dead but her boyfriend is still alive and she thinks she can make it into Julliard.

6 POV's:

  1. So glad you're enjoying Hourglass! :) It's a book that's on my shortlist and I hope I get a chance to read it soon! I haven't read either of Gayle Forman's books, but they have a lot of good buzz. To be honest, I though she wrote more contemp. I'm slightly more interested now that I've read the summary.

    Good choices... and good luck this week! :)

  2. I just got the audiobook for If I Stay from the library--so I will be reading (or more appropriately listening to) that book very soon.


  3. I still haven't gotten to Hourglass, I am looking forward to your thoughts. Best of luck with your TBR pick this week.

  4. I loved Hourglass. And If I Stay -- get the kleenex ready :)

  5. Hehe! I also want to read If I Saty for the sequel. Not because it was the best book, but because the audio book's read by a really cool voice actor - Bitner, if I remember correctly. I hope you enjoy it!

    Happy Reading,

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  6. I hope you finish HOURGLASS! Do you love Michael now? =) I want to read Where She Went too, but I couldn't find a copy yet hehe... I have lots of books and they keep coming, I can't catch up faster than I am supposed to lol. ANyway, good luck with your TBR this week Lis. I hope you really enjoy the book so it won't be a frustrating one. =) XOXO from me! mwuah!


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